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The best spots for art in Barcelona

There’s more to Barcelona than Antoni Gaudí and the Picasso Museum.The Tyler Group Barcelona Expat taps into its unconventional arts scene.


Esther Arias Galería de Arte y Taller

Everyone exits Metro Jaume and heads directly to the Picasso Museum via Carrer Princesa. But there is a much more attractive short cut that will take you past Esther Arias’s gallery in a warm and inviting 18th-century building. Although Arias often devotes a wall to a guest artist, this is her taller (workshop) and the paintings on display are her own: enchanting, colourful abstracts with a dreamlike quality. Along with the large canvases, there are some exquisite framed acrylics on paper at a good price. This is the perfect place to begin a walk through the Born with its many art and artisan shops.

• Carrer Cotoners 14, +34 93 268 2494, Open Tue–Sat 10.30am–2pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm.



Day Tour in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city so rich in history, culture and cuisine, with so many places to shop and a constant whirlwind of activities and events that it is easy to forget that Catalonia is so much more than just its magnificent capital city. When the city walls become too cramped or the urban noise too deafening, the time has come to head out into the country and see the many splendid things that Catalonia has to offer, from the celebrated beauty of the Costa Brava and the sandy beaches of the Costa Dorada to the mountain scenery of the Pyrenees and the historical villages in Osona, Girona or Alt Empordà. Time isn’t a factor as there are plenty of incredible day trips, such as a visit to the coastal town of Sitges or the mountain and monastery of Montserrat, as well as many relaxing weekend getaways that are bound to please history and culture buffs, gourmets and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Parc del Laberint d’Horta

With a touch of Italian physiognomy, this park is home to the oldest garden in the city and is an example of the neoclassical gardens of the 18th century. Its name comes from the labyrinth of cypress bushes that is located at the lower part of the park.
It is possibly the most beautiful park in Barcelona. The gardens, the structure and the architecture make it the perfect place to lose oneself. Next to the famous labyrinth, the park has other small delights: views, places for reflection or for rest. Here we can find the Boxwood gardens, with their topiary art (figures); the Domèstic, which has a planting of camellias; the Molses (mosses); the Petit Laberint[….]

Fachmessen in Barcelona


Datum: 22-SEP-12 bis 25-Oct-12

Expohogar Primavera feiert 29 Jahre führende Design. 29 Jahre Innovation und Qualität. Expohogar überraschen Sie mit Trends in der Innenarchitektur und die neuesten Geschenke und Haushaltswaren. Alle diese plus Reihe von parallelen Aktivitäten zusammengefasst unter dem Markennamen Expohogar Tendencias.

Veranstaltungsort: Montjuic Messegelände, Barcelona, Spanien

Salon Nautico

Datum: 26-Oct-12 bis 30-Oct-12

Salon Nautico ist die größte Bootsmesse in Spanien. Es ist ein Ereignis, das immense Interesse wird generiert, wenn es gehalten wird. Port Vell in Barcelona ist Gastgeber für dieses internationale Ereignis, das durch ein Erbe der langen und renommierten fünfzigjähriger gesichert ist[…]


Ontspannen op een van de stranden van Barcelona

Deze pagina bevat foto’s en informatie over de gouden zandstranden van Barcelona. Er zijn 4.2 km van gouden zandstranden slechts 10 minuten van het stadscentrum en 4 hoofdstrand gebieden.

Hieronder is de Tyler groep samenvatting van deze in volgorde van afstand tot het centrum van de stad.

            1.              Barceloneta strand

Metro stoppen “Barceloneta” (gele lijn, L4) beurt recht op het verlaten van de metro en de belangrijkste wegen kruis, blijven rechtdoor gedurende ongeveer 10 minuten lopen. Barceloneta is de eerste van de stranden van Barcelona en daarom heel druk kan krijgen tijdens de zomermaanden. De foto van het strand van Barceloneta hierboven is genomen op 3 oktober… en de zon nog steeds! Maar het is niet altijd zo. Sommige dagen kunnen worden bewolkt of zelfs regenachtige – het is het geluk van de loting.

Expat Pension Advice - Barcelona

Making good decisions about your future

As an expatriate, recent UK legislation has been introduced to give you significant advantage over your UK-based peers, but many people remain locked-in to plans and policies that do not make full use of these allowances.For some of you, retirement will be a long way off, and for others, it might be too close for comfort! Whatever your situation, now is a good time to review your financial plan and, possibly, to adjust it to create a portfolio that it more likely to meet your needs.


The Spanish Healthcare System

Spain has agreements in place with certain countries (such as the UK) that allows foreign pensioners to receive free access to public healthcare without having to participate in the workforce.

Spain enjoys a national healthcare system that provides health services to all Spanish residents. The National Healthcare System (“Instituto Nacional de la Salud”) covers 100% of the Spanish nationals, regardless of economic situation or participation in the social security network. […]


The Tyler Group spotlight’s Barcelona’s hidden lure

The Catalans’ seemingly endless enthusiasm for festivals and parties means that there’s scarcely a week in the year that doesn’t include at least a couple. These range from the full-on traditional knees-up, with giants, dwarfs and dragons wheeling through fireworks, to gentle street fairs selling artisanal honey and sausages, and perhaps laying on a bouncy castle.

The array of religious events and old-fashioned pageants, all of which spotlight what makes Catalonia unique, are supplemented by a wide variety of more modern celebrations. You’re just as likely to stumble across a festival of rock documentaries, graffiti art, hip hop or cyber sculpture as you are to see a traditional parade: Sónar alone attracts 80,000 people each year.

The Tyler Group Spain Expat Insurance / Embassies in Spain

When you are travelling overseas it can be difficult to know where to go in the event that you need help. With this in mind we have provided a list of foreign embassies and consulates that can be found in Spain. Please bear in mind that the information contained herein is meant for reference purposes only and is liable to change without warning. For the most up-to-date contact details please contact your government’s representative prior to departing on your trip.

Afghani Embassy in Madrid, Spain

Embassy of Afghanistan in Madrid, Spain

Callc Umbria No. 8

Madrid 28043 Spain

Phone: (+34) 91 7218581

Fax: (+34) 91 7216832


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Flamenco Show in Barcelona – Traditional Spanish and Dance Show

Flamenco Show in Barcelona – Traditional Spanish and Dance Show

Most people, when asked what they associate with Spain, are likely to list flamenco right up there with sangria and sunshine. For many, this passionate and powerful style of dance exudes an expression that says so much about Spain and its spirit. The evening involves a four course authentic Spanish dinner, accompanied by a Flamenco show by a ten-strong team.

On booking the ticket you are advised to arrive 45 minutes before the show starts. This is worth doing as it will give you more time to enjoy the first courses of your meal before the show begins and the lights go down.

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